ricotta cheesecake with berries

If you like cheesecakes you will love this one. The filling is made with ricotta and mascarpone and gives the cake a very light and creamy texture. For the topping you can use any kind of berries you like, or you just serve it plain, simply dusted with powdered sugar.

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cheesecake with peach sauce

This refreshing and fruity peach sauce goes great with the rich and creamy consistency of cheesecakes and makes it an ideal and delicious summer treat.

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cheesecake cream with cherry sauce

Last weekend we were invited to a garden party.  I was offering to bring the dessert, so I chose to make this delicious and simple cheesecake cream. We had a wonderful time, lots of drinks and great food.

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tiramisu kissed cheesecake

I love the fresh and slightly sour taste of cheesecake as well I love tiramisu, one of my all time favorite desserts. The aroma of espresso, almond and soft cheese tastes just delicious! 

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cheesecake with raspberry sauce

This is a traditional American Cheesecake – fresh, slightly sour and with a smooth and creamy texture. Topped with fresh raspberries makes a great dessert for a dinner party.

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