banana cake with walnuts and caramel

This banana cake with walnuts and creamy caramel will brighten up a cold winter’s afternoon. Enjoy it with a fresh brewed cup of tea or coffee.

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apple cake with marzipan

This apple cake is easy to prepare and gives a moist, soft and light cake. 

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quiche with bacon, potato and horseradish sauce

This hearty and rich tasting Quiche is great to serve as a main course with a green salad or just as a snack or party appetizer.

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caramel cake with pears

The caramelized pears, the caramel sauce and the caramel mousse gives this dessert a lovely moist consistency, topped with crunchy caramel it taste just heavenly for everyone who loves cakes, creams and caramel!

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lemon – poppy seed cupcakes

These cupcakes with a gentle crunch of poppy seeds and sparkled with fresh lemon flavor are perfect with a cup of fresh brewed tea. It’s a popular believe, eating cake or bread made with poppy seeds on the first day of the New Year, will bring a year of abundance. With this in mind I wish all of us a happy New Year, may it be a healthy and peaceful one.

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spritz cookies

Spritz cookies or Spritzgebäck is a typical german christmas cookie; crisp and buttery, with the scent of vanilla. The preparation is easy and the taste is very delicious. 

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cookies with chocolate and marzipan

A delicate and mellow christmas cookie filled with marzipan and covered with chocolate and pistachio nuts. It is a bit costly in preparation but the effort is worth it anyway.

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cake pops with chocolate and spices

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macarons with pistachio filling

The mild and slightly sweet aroma of the pistachio nuts makes this delicate cookie one of my favorites.

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macarons with peanut butter filling

These delicate french cookies with a crunchy and crisp peanut butter filling are just like heaven for anyone who loves Macarons and peanut butter.

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apple – cinnamon – ginger rolls

Fresh, juicy apples, sweet tasting cinnamon and spicy ginger; a brilliant combination for an afternoon tea party.

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caramel rolls with pecan nuts

These very delicious and fantastic tasting caramel rolls are perfect for breakfast or an afternoon cup of coffee or tea. The preparation is easy and can be made the day before serving.

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tarte with zucchini and ricotta

From our neighbors garden I had lots of zucchinis left that I need to use up. Today I decided to make this very easy and very delicious tarte. It taste amazing warm with a salad or just as a little snack for a picnic or a party.

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plum cake upside down

This plum-cake is perfect for an afternoon cup of coffee or tea.  Serve it with ice cream, crème fraîche or whipped cream.

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tiramisu kissed cheesecake

I love the fresh and slightly sour taste of cheesecake as well I love tiramisu, one of my all time favorite desserts. The aroma of espresso, almond and soft cheese tastes just delicious! 

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chocolate ice cream

Extra creamy and smooth homemade ice cream with a wonderful rich chocolate flavor.  This recipe for gelato al cioccolato is from the Legendary Harry’s Bar.

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crêpes à la crème

These very thin pancakes may be delicate, but they are surprisingly easy to make and can be prepared ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator. An exquisite dessert after a good meal.

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cheesecake with raspberry sauce

This is a traditional American Cheesecake – fresh, slightly sour and with a smooth and creamy texture. Topped with fresh raspberries makes a great dessert for a dinner party.

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puff pastry pockets with chicken and apples

This delicious little puff pastry pockets are filled with chicken and apples. They taste amazing warm with a salad or just as a little snack for a picnic or a party. The preparation is easy and the pockets can be stored in the refrigerator for hours before baking.

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pear tarte with vanilla and ginger

The addition of pears, vanilla and ginger make for a nice twist on the classic Tarte Tatin with apples. Serve the pear Tarte Tatin warm with some whipped cream or homemade ice cream.

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tarte tatin

There is a lovely story about the Tarte Tatin, named after the two Sisters Stéphanie and Caroline Tatin who ran the Hotel Tatin in Lamotte Beuvron in France. The story says, that one day Stéphanie started to make a traditional apple pie but lets the apples cooking in the butter and sugar for too long. Smelling the burning, she tried to rescue the tarte by putting the pastry base on the top of the apples and finishing the cooking by putting the whole pan in the oven. After turning out the upside down tarte, she was surprised, to find how much the Hotel guests appreciated the Dessert and a classic was born.

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vanilla ice cream

The recipe for this vanilla ice cream is from the legendary Restaurant Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy. It is a smooth and delicate ice cream and you can serve the ice cream with a freshly baked fruit pie or simply topped with a dark chocolate sauce or caramel sauce.

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apple pie with lattice upper crust

Perfect tasting apple pie, served with some homemade ice cream or whipped cream, is one of the all-time classic desserts.

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pecan cake with caramel icing

This delightful and rich cake takes some time to prepare, but it is worth every minute.

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vanilla muffins

If you like the taste of vanilla, you will love this cake. It can be covered with marzipan, sugar paste or chocolate icing or filled with cream and decorated with fresh raspberries. This time I just made a white chocolate icing and covered the muffins with chocolate sprinkles.

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I can’t remember of a christmas without these typical Austrian crescent-shaped cookies. When the scent of vanilla and melted butter filled the house and the anticipation grows on christmas season.  The preparation takes a little practice, but the taste is convincing anyway.

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brabanzerl / austrian chocolate cookies

These typical Austrian chocolate cookies taste deliciously mellow and delicate. They are very costly in preparation but the effort is worth it in any case. If you ever have tasted one, you can’t stop eating them. There just heavenly!

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caramel – hazelnut sticks

These crunchy caramel – hazelnut sticks are just delicious!

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spitzbuben or little rascals

Spitzbuben are typical swiss christmas cookies with blackcurrant jam, sandwiched between two crisp butter cookies, and sprinkled with confectionars sugar. Smells just like christmas!

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cinnamon stars

Cinnamon stars are traditional Swiss christmas cookies. There are crunchy on the outside, but deliciously mellow in their center. The preparation can be a bit tricky while cutting the stars because of the sticky dough, but if you take the time to make them, it is more than worthwhile all the work.

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lemon muffins

These delicious and juicy lemon muffins are the perfect treat with a cup of tea or coffee. There tasty with or without a glaze.

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puff pastry twists filled with ham

This variation of the classic ham croissant is a wonderful addition for a brunch or a cocktail party. It taste delightful served with salad as a starter or mean course. The preparation is very quick and can be stored in the refrigerator for hours before baking.

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alsace savory mini gugelhopf

This savory Gugelhopf is perfect with a glass of white wine or sparkling wine as an appetizer or snack. Served slightly warm.

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mini chocolate gugelhopf

This chocolate – almond cake has a rich chocolate flavor and a soft, moist, almost pudding-like texture. Is very simple and fun to make and it’s my friends favorite chocolate cake.

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whoopie pies with marshmallow filling

A whoopie pie is not quite a sandwich cookie, not quite a cake, its a cross between a soft biscuit and a cake. It is made up of two round pieces of soft cookies with a sweet, creamy filling.

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This classic dessert is one of my favorite. For an italian dinner-party at a good friends home, I made this delicious Italian dolce. It should be made the night before you intend to serve it.

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oreo muffins

In the beginning I wanted to make Oreo cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting. But after baking the muffins, when I turned them out of the pan, I thought the look were so terrific from the opposite site, I just left them the way they were. The preparation is very easy and quick and the taste is absolutely delicious.

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