apple cake with shortcrust pastry

Last autumn we planted a little apple tree in our garden and I’m overjoyed how many delicious and beautiful fruits our tree has given us this year. There are plenty of tasty things that can be made with apples; so stay tuned for some more luscious recipes in the next few weeks! The base for this apple cake is a cross between pastry and biscuit and tastes lovely with the juicy and slightly sour apples.

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blueberry cake with cinnamon streusel

This moist and tender cake topped with blueberries and cinnamon streusel, looks pretty, taste delicious and it is so easy to make! For this delicious cake you can use any of your favorite berries.

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apple pie ice cream

If you like apple pie, you will love this delicious ice cream. The smooth and creamy concoction is flavored with apples and a cinnamon crunchy streusel mixture. One scoop just isn’t enough!

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apple cake with marzipan

This apple cake is easy to prepare and gives a moist, soft and light cake. 

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cake pops with chocolate and spices

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apple – cinnamon – ginger rolls

Fresh, juicy apples, sweet tasting cinnamon and spicy ginger; a brilliant combination for an afternoon tea party.

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caramel rolls with pecan nuts

These very delicious and fantastic tasting caramel rolls are perfect for breakfast or an afternoon cup of coffee or tea. The preparation is easy and can be made the day before serving.

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plum cake upside down

This plum-cake is perfect for an afternoon cup of coffee or tea.  Serve it with ice cream, crème fraîche or whipped cream.

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apple pie with lattice upper crust

Perfect tasting apple pie, served with some homemade ice cream or whipped cream, is one of the all-time classic desserts.

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cinnamon stars

Cinnamon stars are traditional Swiss christmas cookies. There are crunchy on the outside, but deliciously mellow in their center. The preparation can be a bit tricky while cutting the stars because of the sticky dough, but if you take the time to make them, it is more than worthwhile all the work.

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