christmas cookies

Christmas is just around the corner and the anticipation for the holiday season grows with each day. I spend the last few days in the kitchen; baking cookies for my family, for friends and workmates. Lets start the festive spirit with two of them; the crisp and buttery spritz cookies, dipped in dark chocolate and the walnut stars with the crumbly and light texture.

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crème bavaroise with strawberry sauce

Crème bavaroise is a classic dessert from Germany. The cream is similar to a French crème pâtissière, but thickened with gelatin instead of cornstarch, flavoured with liqueur and lightened with whipped cream. The texture is very smooth and it is not too sweet. It’s a simple but elegant dessert to finish off your dinner.

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valentine’s day macarons with raspberry filling

A delicious and home-made-sweet surprise on Valentine’s Day; treat your beloved one with this pretty looking and fruity tasting raspberry Macarons!

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spritz cookies

Spritz cookies or Spritzgebäck is a typical german christmas cookie; crisp and buttery, with the scent of vanilla. The preparation is easy and the taste is very delicious. 

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macarons with pistachio filling

The mild and slightly sweet aroma of the pistachio nuts makes this delicate cookie one of my favorites.

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macarons with peanut butter filling

These delicate french cookies with a crunchy and crisp peanut butter filling are just like heaven for anyone who loves Macarons and peanut butter.

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I can’t remember of a christmas without these typical Austrian crescent-shaped cookies. When the scent of vanilla and melted butter filled the house and the anticipation grows on christmas season.  The preparation takes a little practice, but the taste is convincing anyway.

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cinnamon stars

Cinnamon stars are traditional Swiss christmas cookies. There are crunchy on the outside, but deliciously mellow in their center. The preparation can be a bit tricky while cutting the stars because of the sticky dough, but if you take the time to make them, it is more than worthwhile all the work.

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