muffins with roasted hazelnuts & raspberries

Sweet raspberries, fresh roasted hazelnuts, topped with lemon glaze; enjoy the last days of indian summer with these absolutely delicious muffins with a glass of Champagne or dessert wine. 

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apple cake with marzipan

This apple cake is easy to prepare and gives a moist, soft and light cake. 

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lemon – poppy seed cupcakes

These cupcakes with a gentle crunch of poppy seeds and sparkled with fresh lemon flavor are perfect with a cup of fresh brewed tea. It’s a popular believe, eating cake or bread made with poppy seeds on the first day of the New Year, will bring a year of abundance. With this in mind I wish all of us a happy New Year, may it be a healthy and peaceful one.

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cheesecake with raspberry sauce

This is a traditional American Cheesecake – fresh, slightly sour and with a smooth and creamy texture. Topped with fresh raspberries makes a great dessert for a dinner party.

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lemon muffins

These delicious and juicy lemon muffins are the perfect treat with a cup of tea or coffee. There tasty with or without a glaze.

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